USPS Bank is a postal bank that strives to provide accessible, affordable and simple banking services to a diverse set of the underbanked, low-income customers in their neighborhood.​ 
My role
User Experience, Visual Design
User Research
Video Production
This project has got A+ grade from our professor. It's our first time to learn the unbanked group's money management method and their financial situation.

USPS Bank is in your community

The website's homepage introduces available banking services for the underbanked community and prompts potential users to learn more at nearest USPS stores.

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Be mindful with your money

Mobile app can help inform users about their spending and balance. If they feel the need to limit their spending, users can set their budget on a designated page.

Frictionless ATM transactions

Making a deposit and making a money order are two most frequent users' tasks when they are using ATMs.

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