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Saber Zhang 张紫玉

Hello, I'm a Product/UX Designer from Nanjing, the most bookish city in China. I graduated from California College of Arts with a STEM major in Interaction Design. I've worked at a few places around the world: Honey by Paypal, in the wild and Fablab Shanghai.  My strength lies in product thinking, design pattern, interaction design, and user research. Currently, I am working as a contract UX designer for Scalable Commerce and looking for full-time opportunities.

As a bookish Nanjingnese designer, I am crazy about:

1. Applying design thinking into my daily practice

2. Doing improvisation comedy 

3. Making music & art

3. Empowering my creativity through intense learning.

I'm learning front-end development these days to become a designer who can code.

I enjoy working and talking with passionate individuals who share an intense learning spirit like mine. Let’s get 🍜 and discover some of the adventures I’ve been on.